Andrew Tham

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I'm Andrew, a web developer based in Toronto, Canada. I graduated from The University of Toronto with a degree in Physics & Astrophysics after which I trained and worked as a Chef. I've opened a national test kitchen for Sobeys Inc, cooked in fine dining restaurants in Melbourne, Australia, headed kitchens in Toronto, and have been a part of food focused technology startups.

In 2019, after a decade of pursuing and accomplishing my childhood dream, I decided to retire from the hospitality industry and retrain in web development. I've always had a fondness and curiosity for the web since I was young teenager learning HTML in the early days of the web. I have also always enjoyed programming which I studied throughout high school and during my time at university.

I'm an adept problem solver, have a strong background of working in teams, and enjoy challenge. I'm passionate about technology and using code to solve problems and to create and bring websites to life.